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Multiple Locations At Same Price

One price for one or more locations. No need to pay additional charges for your other store locations

Customisable Services

Add unlimited customised services to your menu. Services could be set by service person even service type. Flexibility is the word!

Built In Referral System

Software comes with a built in referral capabilities for customers to refer their friends, colleagues and relatives to give you increased business. Incentives can be given for referrals from customers  

Integrated Payment System

Integrate your payment system with Paypal or Stripe to collect booking fees or pre-payments

Integrated With Your Website & Social Media Platforms

Appointment scheduler can be integrated with your website and social media platforms so customer have  a wide choice of platform to use in booking their appointments

500 Free SMS Per Month

Stay in touch with customer with 500 free SMS messages per month per account. Additional SMS credits can be purchase at very low rates

Get all the above and Much Much More!

Appointment scheduler’s software, GetAppointment will automate your businesses appointment scheduling thus freeing up staff to get other more productive work done while helping to space out customers within their preferred time slots giving their higher customer satisfaction while maximising your business efficiency and profitability 

Appointment Scheduler GetAppointment is an Exclusive INVITE only platform for businesses who want to focus on their business & leave “booking” to us.

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